We are on a constant mission to curate innovative new designers from international markets to be part or the accelerator. Our primary goal is to ensure global visibility and sales growth for the brands.

We work hand in hand to function as your merchandise team, ad agency, sales team, and advisory board. Ensuring that at each step you have the clearest possible information to empower your decisions.

Our strategy of shared resources and allocated expenses across operational verticals like advertising, sales, pr, creative, showroom, tradeshows – all allows us to help launch brands into new markets in a more measured manner, at a fraction of the traditional expense.

We are providing you senior management with over 25 years experience to accelerate growth and enhance your brand value, allowing us to raise smart capital and structure strategic partnerships that will ensure long-term success for your business.

Creative & PR
Incubator & Sales
Capsules & Collaborations
Online & E. Commerce
Retail & Pop Ups

Strategic Partner Advisory
Business Plans & Capital Raise
Direct Equity Investment
Asett Loans and PO Factoring
New Market Entry Operations


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